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Dining and Shopping in Ferrari World

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Dining in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Visiting Yas Island during your trip to UAE should be an absolute must because apart from other mind-numbing attractions, it is the Ferrari world which deserves the most attention. It is the first and only Ferrari-branded amusement park and is home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster! Apart from that, the Ferrari World also boasts of the tallest space-frame structure ever built, highest loop ride and has over 40 record-breaking attractions. After having a thrilling day at the Ferrari World, one is bound to feel hungry or the need to go on a shopping spree to calm your nerves down. You can have a scrumptious meal at Mama Rossella where they serve authentic wood-fire oven pizzas and pasta. However, if you wish to retain the tingling sensations, get your fix of caffeine at Espresso Rosso which will provide you with the experience of an authentic Italian coffee bar.

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Mama Rossella

This particular joint is an award-winning Italian restaurant which is famous for its delicious range of Italian cuisine. Dine in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and relish the delicious menu of fresh pastas and a wide array of pizzas which are cooked in traditional wood-fire ovens at Mama Rossella. Moreover, it has become the first and only restaurant in the Middle East to include authentic Neapolitan pizza in their menu! Renowned for its authentic Italian flavours, delicious recipes and a unique vibe, this should be a must visit after having a thrilling day at the Ferrari world. Mama Rossella has bagged the award of ‘Favourite Italian Restaurant’ below AED 400 for two years straight.

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Il Podio

Ferrari World is renowned for its connection to the iconic Italian carmaker and that truly shows once you step in this particular joint as well. Il Podio is designed and executed in the exact same manner as the canteen at the Ferrari factory in Maranello. Dine in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and access the grills and food stations that serve Indian, Western and Arabic cuisine. What makes the dining experience even more fun is their theatrical food preparation and interactive food stations. Try their Rotisserie Chicken, mouthwatering shawarma or chicken tikka, served as their speciality.

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Espresso Rosso

The tingling sensations that you experience after getting aboard on thrilling rides at the Ferrari world can be accentuated a little more by getting your caffeine fix. What better place to devour some authentic Italian espresso coffee than Espresso Rosso! You can enjoy your electrifying shot of energy here while indulging yourselves in the authentic Italian coffee bar vibe. In case you’re not a caffeine-based life form, fret not! They also serve other delicacies like delectable home-made gelato and freshly baked Italian pastries. They also have a great collection of pastries for all the sweet tooths out there!

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Officers Food Quarters

If you wish to grab a quick bite and bounce off, this is the perfect place to be. They not only do they have an extensive menu of fast foods but they are also renowned for their lightning quick service. Dine in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, at Officers Food Quarters, where fresh salads, scrumptious burgers, sizzling pizzas, meaty Mediterranean Shawarmas, sandwiches and much more are served. This place serves as the perfect pitstop between rides, when you just want to get a quick bite and get back to having fun at the Ferrari world. They also have an extensive collection of beverages, if you need a breather from the notorious Abu Dhabi heat.

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Shopping in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Going on a shopping spree is one of the best days to culminate a thrilling day and to do the same, Ferrari World also has a bunch of shops. Take the Ferrari store for instance, where you can buy Ferrari’s merchandise, scale models and other memorabilia.

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The Ferrari Store

If you wish to take home some memories of the Ferrari World, going on a shopping spree at the Ferrari store should be an absolute must. Their collection is heavily inspired by the history of Ferrari and their racing lineage. While the adults can boast of buying official Ferrari merchandise, the young Ferrari fans can also buy their official accessories and toys including scale models of iconic Ferraris. Apart from that, the whole customer experience is elevated to a whole new level by cross-channel services which are available at the store during opening hours. This has to be the best shop at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, for purchasing the original Ferrari merchandise in Dubai.

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Ferrari Store Driving Experience

Driving a Ferrari isn’t just a petrolhead’s dream. In fact, it is everyone’s dream! If you wish to turn your dream into reality, opt for the Ferrari Drive experience where you can take a Ferrari out on a joy ride around Yas Island while a trained instructor guides you through the trip. If you wish to ride shotgun, you can do that as well as one of their Ferrari trained instructors will take you on a luxury experience in a Ferrari! This might not be a shop at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, but it is one amazing experience altogether!

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FAQ's Related To Dining and Shopping in Ferrari World

Why is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi so famous?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is majorly famous because it is home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster! Not just this, but the Ferrari World has over 40 other attractions which are at the top of their game. Moreover, the Ferrari branding of this theme park also adds to its overall flair.

What to wear to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

It is advisable to wear something casual and comfortable so that you can enjoy the rides to their fullest. However, avoid going a little overboard with the dressing. Regarding footwear, wearing sports shoes or sneakers is advisable. Best avoid wearing flip flops and the likes.

Which are the points to remember while visiting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

  • Buy tickets in advance through online booking as it can get a little hectic if you buy tickets then and there only.
  • Start off your trip by straightaway going for the Formula Rossa: the world’s fastest rollercoaster.
  • Plan your journey beforehand: Since there are no direct trains or buses to reach here, it is advisable to plan your journey beforehand.
  • Shop at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: You can also take home some interesting and unique memorabilia by shopping at their in house centres.

What is the best time to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ?

The best time to visit the Ferrari World is between April and September because the staff claims that weekdays and weekends aren’t as busy during this time. When it turns comparatively colder, more and more people start flocking at the Ferrari World.

How to reach Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ?

Bus: Take a bus from Airport Terminal 3 till Ibn Battuta Mall, from here, you need to take a bus which drops you at Shahama. At Shahama, you can rent a taxi to drive you to the entrance gate.

Taxi: You can easily get a taxi straight to the Ferrari World from Airport Terminal 3. It will cost you approximately 30 to 60 AED per head.

Is outside food allowed in Ferrari World?

Outside food and drinks aren’t permitted inside the Ferrari World but you can have scrumptious meals at their in-house restaurants and coffee bars.

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