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Things to Do In Ferrari World

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What to Do In Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi?

Satiate your Ferrari fantasies at the world's leading theme park, Experience ultimate thrills on over 40 spectacular rides and attractions with Ferrari World tickets and Get your heart racing with absolutely exhilarating things to do in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that have been designed for maximum excitement and can leave you awe-stuck.

Experience a world full of Ferrari-fueled fun while enjoying a hair-raising zero-gravity plunge, riding the world's fastest roller coaster, or enduring the highest non-inverted loop. Whether you want to race go-karts with your family or challenge the fastest lap times in a cutting-edge simulator, things to do in Abu Dhabi Ferrari world can satiate the needs of every sort of thrill-seeker.

Take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to zip line into the center of the tallest roller coaster loop in the world or enjoy a walk across the distinctive red roof. From Formula Rosa to Turbo Track, activities to do in Ferrari world Abu Dhabi make the park an ultimate destination for unlimited, adrenaline-raising, heart-pounding enjoyment!

Besides experiencing the rides of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, you may also be delighted by the Ferrari-inspired shows and from witnessing the grace and grandeur of the brand come to life. Here, you may also indulge in unique dining experiences at on-site Italian restaurants or sate the shopaholic in you by picking a souvenir from their outstanding collection in-store.

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Drive a Ferrari

Driving an F1 race car at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is no less than a dream come true and is truly one of the most exciting things to do in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ! In this activity, you will be able to drive a Ferrari of your choice from a range available on Yas Island's roadways under the supervision of a competent instructor.

If you are at least 21 years old and have a UAE government-issued license, you can drive a real Ferrari with a professional. Even if you don't have a license, you can still travel as a passenger. Make some priceless moments from a customized driving or one-of-a-kind passenger experience.

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Experience Go Karting

Sharpen your karting prowess while competing against your friends or siblings on the amazing 290-meter-long Ferrari World go-karting circuit and experience some ultimate thrills. Take over the wheel, unleash the inner racer in you, and revel in the most exhilarating sensations while enjoying one of the most thrilling things to do in the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World.

You go behind the wheel and experience what it's like to be a Scuderia Ferrari racer during the 35-minute adventure, which is nothing but pure, uninterrupted enjoyment. You should keep in mind that for this karting experience, riders must weigh less than 120 kg and must be between the heights of 150 cm and 210 cm.

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Enjoy A Show At Ferrari World

You will enjoy seeing the Ferrari brand come to life at the exciting shows that exhibit the inner workings of the Ferrari brand. You will also get the chance to learn about the construction of these exclusive automobiles and acquire the latest information about the brand. Amongst the most entertaining activities to do in Ferrari world Abu Dhabi, these shows feature acrobats, feats, optical illusions, and upbeat live dance performances.

The adorable Ferrari World Abu Dhabi characters Benno the Mouse, Berto the Mechanic and Friends will make appearances throughout the day in the park. Kids love meeting and capturing photos with them as they roam around in the park.

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Try Out The Thrilling Rides

Ferrari World has more than 40 exhilarating rides and attractions that provide endless entertainment and an adrenaline rush. From the fastest roller coasters in the world, Formula Rossa to the highest roller coaster loop in the world -Flying Aces, the activities to do in Ferrari world Abu Dhabi are unique in themselves and lets you taste some real fun.

Compete with friends in a Ferrari F430 Spider, or enjoy some back-to-back thrills at Turbo track, which involves a vertical race up into the sky followed by a zero-gravity plunge. The park also boasts rides specially designed for young guests under 13 years old, such as Turbo Tower, Formula Rossa Junior, Flying Wings, Tyre twist, and many more.

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Enjoy The World’s Fastest Rollercoaster

If you are an adventure enthusiasts who love speed and an adrenaline rush, Formula Rossa is the best option that can satiate your cravings. The fastest roller coaster in the world drops you abruptly from great heights while also providing some quick swirls to frighten you until you start screaming.

This ride is incredibly quick, reaching a top speed of 149 mph in just 5 seconds due to a hydraulic launch system like the one used in aircraft carriers. The circuit also features challenging turns, making this 2 km-long ride one of the most exhilarating things to do in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. You'll cross the finish line feeling like a true Scuderia Ferrari winner after conquering heart-pounding heights of 52 meters and with the adrenaline rush of riding at 4.8Gs.

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Dine In Ferrari World

With four restaurants on-site, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi provides some amazing options for satisfying your hunger throughout your visit. These eating establishments, which provide excellent Italian to foreign cuisines, can refuel you throughout your activities or help you unwind afterward.

Visit Mamma Rosella and sample some exquisite pizzas and fresh pasta for a balanced lunch. Stop by IL Podio, if you're seeking delectable dishes from Arabic, Indian, and Western cuisines. Relax with a cup of coffee, freshly baked pastries, and handcrafted Italian gelato at Espresso Rosso. Or, try some quick snacks from the Officers Food Quarters' menu of conventional hamburgers, Mediterranean shawarmas, pizzas, and nutritious salads.

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Shopping At Ferrari World

Making a purchase from the outlet's assortment of Ferrari theme merchandise would undoubtedly make the trip worthwhile for Ferrari enthusiasts. With two boutiques, including the biggest Ferrari retail outlet, shopping is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable things to do in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for shopaholics to indulge their passion.

You can pick up a variety of branded items from these shops to keep at home as a memento of your great time at Ferrari World. Everything from toy cars to clothing, home goods, and accessories to a great selection of branded collectibles is available here for purchase.

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Experience Ziplining

Take a ride on the zipline at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and soar to new heights to taste some ultimate thrills. As you soar through the iconic Flying Aces loop during this 30-minute adventure, you'll be able to witness the amazing panorama of Abu Dhabi's skyline from a new perspective. Face your fear of heights while admiring the lovely surroundings during this one of the most intriguing things to do in Abu Dhabi Ferrari world.

Anyone aged 8 to 65, weighing up to 115 kg, standing between 1.6 and 1.9 meters tall, and weighing no more than 140 kgs can participate in this sport. Additionally, guests must be able to climb 191 stairs without assistance to participate in this activity.

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Go For Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Roof Walk

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Roof Walk adventure will enable you to walk and conquer the iconic red roof, taking your thrills to the next level. You will witness the world's largest Ferrari logo, enjoy breathtaking views of the Abu Dhabi skyline and YAS Island, and capture some priceless Instagram-worthy photos during this 90-Minute Experience.

You can also choose a 120-Minute Combo Experience, which combines a roof walk with a zip line across the highest non-inverted roller coaster loop in the world and lets you touch the heights of adventure. Participants must be between the ages of 8 and 65, weigh no more than 140 kg, and stand between 1.2 m and 2.0 m tall to participate in this activity.

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Have Fun in Adventurous Zones

This zone is jam-packed with thrills, transporting you through the unmistakable red roof to the YAS Island's highest point while simultaneously allowing you to improve your racing skills in a variety of racing-inspired simulators. With Turbo Track, you can experience back-to-back thrills with your loved ones, including a vertical climb, and an incredible zero gravity fall while seated in the driver's seat of a Ferrari.

The Scuderia Challenge will let you test your racing prowess with a variety of cutting-edge racing simulators. In this activity, you can test your F1 skills by competing against your pals on a virtual Yas Marina Circuit while driving different Ferraris. There are three cutting-edge simulators accessible, each with its own unique set of challenges and experiences.

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FAQ's of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

What to wear to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

While visitors are free to dress whatever they like, it is best to avoid wearing loose clothing (such as abaya, kandura, long scarfs, saris, skirts, dresses, etc.). Flip flops, open-toed shoes, and other unsuitable footwear are also not recommended.

How many Zones are there in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

  • Family Zone: The Family Zone features a range of kid-friendly attractions as well as tiny versions of some of the park's most famous things to do in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Bring your kids to the new Flying Wings, Formula Rossa Junior, Speedway Race, and Turbo Tower to experience and share that Ferrari feeling.
  • F1 Zone: Experience the rush of being an F1 racing champion as you conquer the Formula Rossa, the fastest rollercoaster in the world, or participate in the Junior Grand Prix while operating a mini Ferrari F1 racing car. Discover "Il Rosso & Il Rossa" at Galleria Ferrari to learn about the history of powerful women.
  • Italian Zone: Take a stroll around the Italian Zone to take in the splendor of Maranello, the town where the Ferrari is made. Visit the Ferrari factory, stop by the award-winning trattoria Mamma Rosella for a quick bite, and ring a few doorbells while experiencing some of the amazing things to do in Abu Dhabi Ferrari World.
  • Adventure Zone: Featuring rides like Turbo Track and the Scuderia Challenge, this zone allows you to partake in some of the most thrilling activities to do in Ferrari world Abu Dhabi. Here you will experience ultimate and simulated sensations.

How to reach Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

  • By Bus: The Yas Island free shuttle service operates every day between several locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the main tourist destinations on Yas Island. Visitors to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi can use this service by displaying their E-tickets or Vouchers.
  • By Car or Taxi: Ferrari World is located 50 minutes from Dubai through the Sheik Zayed Road and 25 minutes from Abu Dhabi via the E10 and E12 roads.

What is the best time to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

It's best to get to Ferrari World early in the day. If you arrive early, the crowds at the attraction will be less. Weekends are usually busy with waiting lines for rides, so it is best to go during the week.

How much time do I need to explore Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi?

The time you will need will depend on your particular preferences and the amount of time you have in hand. Ferrari World has more than 40 rides and attractions, and a visit there lasts at least for 6 to 7 hours, You are free to make it short or last all day as per your schedule.

Which are the best rides to experience with kids in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

  • Turbo Tower: Experience a stunning aerial view of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as well as the thrill of a zero-gravity fall with your loved ones.
  • Speedway Magic: Take your kids on a 4D journey with Nello to a virtual world of ocean, cliffs, and ice caverns where no Ferrari has ever been.
  • Tire Twist: With your kids, climb into a big F1-inspired tire and enjoy a fast spin while crashing with other riders.
  • Turbo Track: Get thrown into the air with your kids, then experience a vertical fall at zero gravity while feeling exhilaration throughout your entire body.

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